Girlfriend vs. Call Girl - Escort.

You don’t buy amusement park if you wanted some good time. You don’t buy a horse if you just wanted one ride on it. Similarly, If I just want sex, choice is obvious. you would prefer one nights over someone who is selling sex though.

Sex without intimacy is just that, loses its shine overtime. When things are readily available, you get what you pay for, not exactly what you would aspire.

Relationship is not worth it if you aren’t ready to be invested into it. But if you are lucky enough to find the compatible one, girlfriend brings lot more to table than just sex.

If the girl is only happy with you when you spend lots of excessive money on her, then that's not a nice girl to be with. It's best you do go with a Prostitute, given all you desire is some sex. If you are with a girl that's genuine about you and wants to be your best friend, then money is not an issue. She would be your partner and will be understanding regarding what you can afford and cannot afford. In fact, as your partner, a real girlfriend (given she can afford it) would also not hesitate to help you financially as well. Reality is, in our society, there are many women who only aspire for relationships with men that are financial stable regardless of a “poor guy" with a nice persona being available. Not all women are like this though and you shouldn't generalize them like that. 

Regardless, one day we desire to be with someone that we can connect and be happy with, and not just for sex. No prostitute can fill that void.

Any relationship involves give and take. If the giving side of a relationship is too burdensome for you, then prostitution can be cheaper than having a girlfriend if you can afford to engage a reasonably safe prostitute

Being involved in prostitution is criminal activity. It usually is a low form of activity, but still criminal.

By participating you are enabling the prostitute to continue a corrupted lifestyle which can lead to a short life at that. Being a prostitute is living in a war zone. Most likely the earned income is going for a drug habit which most likely will kill her eventually. Rarely do the proceeds go for maintaining daily living.

Secondly, prostitution develops an environment which can be dangerous to the client: theft, bodily harm, police action. This environment is not helpful. And you will become a victim eventually.

At the end it's personal decision, some people prefer to bang hoes and not worry about managing them like you would your girlfriend that will constantly suck blood out of you day and night. Where as a escort, you pay her one time - each time, and don't have to worry dealing with her problems. A girlfriend will eventually cost you a tons of Maintenace money, and not necessarily more sex. Actually, sexual activity could go down over time.

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