Stop The Taboos - Being Sexual Is Nothing Off Which To Be Ashamed

By most measures, a human being's most basic needs are food, shelter, and clothing. However, there is a subset of basic needs whose fulfillment is just as essential to a person’s wellbeing; this group includes things such as access to education, healthcare, and sanitation.

Lately, many human rights organizations have begun to include things like free access to the internet on the lists of basic human needs, due to the information and connectivity requirements of the modern world.

Beyond that, there are even more needs that many organizations consider important to human happiness; these include things like the availability of personal care products, home furnishings, laundry, and even home insurance.

However, there is one basic human need that most people seem to forget about, and that is sex.

The Full Satisfaction Of Any Basic Need Generates Pleasure And Well-being

That satisfaction of all basic human needs is essential to an individual’s well being and overall satisfaction with life. Even though most people assume that some needs (i.e., food) are more essential than others, the truth of the matter is that all of them stand on equal ground.

An individual's need to express his sexual drive is no less urgent than his need to wear clothes or have the ability to communicate with others. While each need affects a different aspect of life, they are all equally important.

The problem that many people have with viewing sex as a basic human need is that society has, for the most part, deformed its own perception of sexuality and sexual relationships. This distortion has caused a large number of people to feel shame about their sexuality and sexual desires.

These sexual taboos (and there are many) need to be eradicated. After all, a sexually satisfied individual is an individual that is full of vitality, energy, hope, happiness, etc.

The basic human need for sex is not to be shunned to shadowy allies or sleazy websites. Sex should not be hidden, nor demonized; it should be celebrated.

Society is continuously concerned with what types of foods people eat, how many hours they work, how much money they have, and even how often they buy a new phone. However, how often an individual has a satisfying sexual encounter is relegated to gossip magazines and scandalous journalism.

Sex Within Culture

We learn everything at a young age from the environment around us. The culture into which we are born shapes us in intricate ways that are sometimes very hard to gauge.

When it comes to the gamut of acceptable sexual identities, the situation is quite the same. We have been taught to how and when to have sex, by our cultural upbringing. Some practices are more readily accepted within certain cultures than in others. Each place is different, and each location has a very specific mode of acceptable sexual expression.

For example, some men have a very stoic and even austere approach to sex. In contrast, others from the other side of the world, may have a very passionate and animalistic approach to making love.

Religion also plays a principal role in sexual expression and sexual satisfaction. Even those who consider themselves agnostic or atheist, are born into cultures that have distinct religious traditions and widely varying views on sex. For example, those born in Judeo-Christian societies have entirely different views on sex and sexual roles than those born into other traditions.

These differences, based on the culture that permeates each of the regions of the world, are what enrich human society. However, it is also vital to note how they may limit our sexual growth, our sexual expression, and, ultimately, our sexual enjoyment.

Leave The Taboos Behind

So, here is the thing: Sexual satisfaction is an intuitive process, and it is entirely natural.

Men and women do not need to be taught to breathe air or pump blood through their veins because the body takes care of that. In much the same manner, men and women do not need to take classes, or read the Kama Sutra to know that sex is desired, because it is an entirely natural and indefatigable expression of a basic human need!

So leave your taboos behind and learn to embrace the fact that you are a sexual being, with sexual needs and a sexual drive. Do that, and you will slowly transform into a happier and more fulfilled individual.

Full sexual satisfaction can be refined to increase the possibilities of pleasure by exploiting all the sensual and erotic potential that our bodies possess. You will never reach that potential if you are beholden to taboos.

Getting rid of the shame caused by sexual taboos eroticizes us and reaffirms our roles as women and men with sexual natures. Thus, letting our sexual energy whither and disappear is a disservice to ourselves and our potential happiness.

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2 comments on “Stop The Taboos - Being Sexual Is Nothing Off Which To Be Ashamed”

  1. Very true, for me sex is the most important aspect in my relationship. I tell the ladies I date that if you dont boom boom 5x a week , I dont date you.

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