Sex Holiday in Colombia – Planning, Advice & Costs

For many years, Colombia held a distinction as one of the world’s best-kept secrets for some very quality mongering. This was for more than a few reasons, including the stigma this beautiful country was trying to combat from the aftermath of the Pablo Escobar years.

As with many far-away countries that have endured any kind of unrest, many in the Western world viewed Colombia as some sort of dangerous failed state full of warring drug lords and militias, mainly from gleaning a few headlines over the last few decades.

While there are some parts of the country you probably shouldn’t visit for vacation, this is true in the vast majority of South American countries (and truth be told, lots of Western nations as well.) Stick with the main tourist cities in Colombia, and you’ll be just fine, as long as you use the same caution you should be exercising in any large urban area in the world.


The other aspect that made Colombia so overlooked was the fact that it wasn’t Brazil, or Argentina, or other parts of the continent that had better reputations for sex holidays and general tourism stuff.

Well, let me clear all that up right now. Colombia is safe in the main cities like Bogota and Medellin. The women are beautiful, if not the finest in the world. And, perhaps most importantly, things can be pretty cheap here, and that includes sex.

In terms of getting the most bang for the buck, it’s pretty hard to beat Colombia. If you’re trying to get away for a week or two, or three, and want to have a great time, have sex with pretty girls, and make your money last longer, you are at the right place.

Curious how much it’s going to cost you? I’ve got you covered. This guide will go over all the various prices you can expect to pay for everything from sex, to your drinks, to your hotel room, and more.

Cost of a Sex Holiday in Colombia

I always recommend to set aside at least 2 weeks for any sex holiday, regardless of which country you’re in. While some may be tempted to do the standard 1 week getaway thing, you’ll have much more success by spending two weeks in any given location.

This gives you plenty of time to get to know the city, make a few friends, and get your foot in the door with some local ladies if you’re trying to game as much as possible while you’re here. In many ways, it’s the better deal, since your plane ticket cost won’t vary much in respect to how long you’re here.

In regards to cost estimates, I think it’s better to add everything up from what an average day would be like in a Colombian city, which does include sex at some point that day. Once you get a good grasp on an expected daily cost, you can add up what a weekly cost would be, and so on.

Colombia uses Colombian Pesos (COP,) which will fluctuate from time to time. You may be able to book your hotel using Dollars, Euros, and more, but expect to use COP when you’re on the ground here. There are plenty of currency converters you can use online to give you a better idea, such as All prices from henceforth will be listed in COP. Oh, and always convert your currency at official locations (ideally banks or just using the ATM machines), never with people off the street. Don’t be stupid.

Since I think planning a full-on “budget” sex holiday is a bad idea, I’ll be doing more of a mid-range estimate based on my personal experience.

Hotel – Hotels are plentiful in cities like Bogota and Medellin, where you should be doing the majority of your mongering. You can find some pretty great deals in the country, as the hotel industry is flourishing, and constantly growing. You can find everything from swanky local hotels, to chains like Holiday Inn and even Hotel W. Lots of choices for different budgets.

Nicer hotels that have strategic locations can run as high as 400,000 COP per night. These hotels are comparable to 3 to 4 star hotels in the U.S., and have all the amenities you could want. If you’re trying to keep things lower, there are some pretty great hotels that run as low as 150,000 COP that will still have nice rooms, decent locations, and features like free breakfast and concierge.

Let’s assume you want an above-average hotel for the duration of your stay. This would be around 220,000 COP per night. (Remember, I am estimating costs for a mid-range budget – that includes splurging a bit here and there.)

Food and Drinks – Colombia has surprisingly good food. It’s actually very underrated. They also have some of the cheapest cheese prices in the world, if you’re into cheeses. So, food costs are going to be one of the main things that keeps your overall costs down during your sex holiday.

I’ll assume you’re at a hotel with free breakfast, or that you woke up too late for breakfast (for obvious reasons). Either way, it won’t be included in the total here. Lunch at a fast-food place will run you around 15,000 COP, and just a little more at a lunch place in a business district in the city. You may even be able to get by for less eating food from a street vendor.

Dinner at a pub will cost you about 23,000 COP, and dinner at a nicer restaurant will cost you about 45,000 COP. Want a bottle of wine with that dinner? Add another 30,000 COP. Obviously, if you have a date, double all of these prices, because you’ll be paying for her too.

If you like coffee, you’re in luck as well. Colombia has very cheap coffee prices, and that includes espresso based drinks. A cappuccino at a local cafe will only cost you 5,000 COP.

Okay. Let’s assume you have a normal lunch, a nice dinner, and a cappuccino later on or in the morning at some point. Then you’re looking at 65,000 COP per day. Not bad at all.

Transportation – Taxis and (sometimes) public transport are your lifelines in Colombia. Walking around everywhere (mainly at night,) is not the best idea. You should plan on using a taxi most of the time.

Taxis are cheap, and everywhere. A 5 mile ride only costs 14,000 COP, and far less if you’re going just a few blocks. If you are going to be around for a few weeks, you might as well get a public transport pass, which will cost you 100,000 COP.

If you want to have maximum flexibility for your stay, we’ll assume you go with taxis, so that’s about 14,000 COP per day.

Entertainment – You have a lot of routes to take for entertainment in Colombia. This includes all the basic options you have most anywhere else. If you want to catch a movie, you’ll pay around 13,000 COP. If you’re trying to be a bit more refined and want to indulge in the local performers’ talent, a ticket to the theater will run you 45,000 COP. Taking a date? Double it.

Okay, on to the nightlife. Alcohol prices are kinda all over the place. Aguardiente will probably be bought at some point, which is around 35,000 COP a bottle for the cheaper stuff. A cocktail in a club will run you 15,000 COP. Beer can be pretty cheap, anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 COP. If you’re the smoking type, a pack of cigarettes will cost you 7,000 COP.

Alright, so let’s assume you’re getting a little buzzed. Two cocktails, and four beers will cost you about 80,000 COP for the night. That’s a pretty good hangover on the cheap. Keep in mind that this will cost you two or three times the price at a nice strip club or brothel.

Sex Costs – So, now for the main stuff you’re going to be paying for during your sex vacation. There are a lot of variances in prices depending on the city, the girl, the place, and pretty much whatever else. One thing is for sure though: You get what you pay for.

The best thing about Colombia is that the mid-tier girls are still extremely hot, and will often be willing to show you a great time if they are into you, or if you are pleasant, polite, and well-groomed. (Note: be well-groomed.)

Street walkers should be generally avoided (unless you’re in a good situation and feel okay about it.) If you’re going to go this route, expect to pay anywhere from 40,000 to 90,000 COP for 30 minutes of whatever.

Escorts are quite popular in Colombia. The women are off the charts, there are plenty of websites to reference, and the prices are still manageable, even for the hottest ones. If you’re trying to go for the top-tier escorts, you’ll be paying around 300,000 COP for an hour. This sounds like a lot, but consider what you’re getting, and the fact that you aren’t paying for drinks, an entrance fee to a club, and all that shit. You may need to purchase a room at a love hotel, but if you’re staying in a girl-friendly hotel (see below for more info on that), you’re fine. If you want extra time, another girl perhaps, or some more exclusive services, you’ll pay about 150,000 COP more.

Working girls you bring home from a club will be about the same. If you get a girl at the club, her price will be about 250,000 COP for 45 minutes or an hour. If you want a room at the club, it’ll be about 50,000 COP. The exit fee is around 50,000 to 100,000 COP.

Colombian massage girls are a real good bargain. For around 120,000 COP you can get a full one-hour sex session, and a better-looking girl for 150,000 COP. For a long session with all the extras, you’ll pay a max of 200,000 COP.

Brothel girls are around the same price too, maybe cheaper. You can spend anywhere from 150,000 to 300,000 COP, and that includes the room. There may be a cheap entry price of 10,000 COP.

Even more detailed descriptions and price infos you can find in my guide to the sex prices in Colombia.

Let’s calculate with an average cost for sex of 180,000 COP per day.

Okay, that’s it. Time to add it all up.

Let’s say you’re staying in a fairly good hotel, for 220,000 COP a night. You eat at the hotel, and then have a standard lunch, do some daytime activities or sightseeing, and have a nice dinner, while taking a cab everywhere. Later that night you go out, have plenty of drinks, and then pick up a working girl at the club, which you bring back to your place. When all is said and done, you’ll have spent about 560,000 COP per day.

Let’s change it up a bit. Let’s say you’re at a cheaper hotel for 150,000 COP per night. You eat cheap for lunch and dinner, and then meet a “open-minded” girl from the dating site (and there are plenty of such girls). Then you’re looking at about 310,000 COP per day instead – and still have plenty for activities, drinking and going around by taxi.

On top of that comes your return flight ticket, additional transportation costs (such as a flight or bus ride from Bogota to Medellin), health insurance and potential souvenirs you will buy during your sex trip.

Where to Meet Girls on Your Sex Holiday?

If you’re taking the natural approach as much as you can, you’ll need to do a little groundwork by using the most popular dating site with several hundreds of thousand members, setting up dates before you even start your sex holiday.

Once you’re in the country, bars and clubs are your best bets for meeting girls, but as with most South American countries, you’ll need to meet a social circle and find your way in. If your game is strong, you may be able to set up some dates during the day at places like the mall. But generally speaking, the dating site is much easier to meet girls than approaching a group of strangers in the bar.

If you’re an obvious gringo, you have some advantages for sure, so use it.

Whatever you do, be nice, be polite, know some Spanish, and be clean and groomed. All of these will give you a leg up. Also, be persistent. Some girls will make you go through a few hoops until you can get them back to your place. With two weeks time, you should be able to with more than a few.

What’s the Best Place for a Sex Holiday in Colombia?

Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena, probably in that order too.

Choosing a Hotel for Your Sex Holiday in Colombia

Hotels are all over the place in Colombia’s major cities, so you have a wide range of accommodations and amenities to choose from, along with locations. Here is a brief criteria of what to consider when looking for a hotel for your sex holiday.

Value – Use sites such as to browse hotels in a particular Colombian city. You’ll find a large sweet spot in the mid-range price area for some very nice hotels that won’t cost you much at all.

Location – Depending on the city, you should look for hotels next to the more vibrant nightlife areas. Bars and clubs nearby is a huge plus.

Guest Friendly – Not every hotel in Colombia allows you to bring girls back to your room. In fact, most don’t. Always check ahead to see if guests are allowed. If not, plan on using plenty of love hotels around the city when needed. Or check out my guides below.

Final Words

Girls for Sex in Colombia, You should now have a feasible idea of what to expect for your costs on a sex holiday to any of the main cities in Colombia. As always, plan to spend more than you budget for, since you don’t want to run out of money before your stay is over.

Colombia has much to offer in terms of history and sightseeing, and of course the girls. Combine this with the relatively cheap prices, and you have yourself one of the top sex holiday locations on the planet. You’ll probably be planning your next trip on the plane ride home from the first one.

Thanks for reading, and happy planning!

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