Is cheating on your partner worth it ?

It depends on what kind of relationship you have. You’ll have some excitement and sex. You might even think you’re in love. You might think that all along you were just with the wrong person, and now you have found who you are really supposed to be with. It is heady and addicting, really like a drug (in fact, it may feel like new love actually does mimic the state of drug addiction. But that only lasts a few months. The destruction you are left with will take years to repair, if you are even able to repair it at all. If you actually do love your spouse and genuinely feel it was a mistake, you will have the Herculean task of convincing him or her that you are trustworthy again. For some people, this simply is not possible. Every time you are working late, your spouse will wonder if you’re really just working. Every time you leave your email open, your spouse will fight the urge to check it. The deep bonds you forged when marrying will never be as strong as they once were. Everyone has this pure vision of the future when they choose a partner, and you have permanently stained it. And even if you don’t really care about all that - even if you don’t really love your spouse and aren’t so concerned about the re-building of trust, it is still terrible. This is because you have lost all leverage for the rest of your relationship. Have an argument about finances? Well, you cheated, so there. Don’t want to visit the in-laws? Well, you have to, because you cheated, and he/she didn’t. You are permanently indebted. You are permanently trying to make up for your shortcoming. What an awful way to spend the rest of your marriage. Lastly, if you have kids…who do you think they will respect, in the end? Let’s say they are grown up and in college and you are now divorced. How will they choose whose house to stay at? Should they stay with dad, who cheated on mom and left her alone in her 50s? Or should they go with mom, who needs the support more, who never did anything to deserve this….you get the idea. The ripple effect of these things goes on for miles. Think hard, think smart. It might be better to spend the time and money on a marriage counselor before venturing forth. But actually cheating could be a great thing as long as the other partner does not find out. Because the reason why you want to cheat is because your partner no longer delivers on the feelings that you had in the beginning of the relationship. To keep the relationship going, you should cheat to compensate for the missing feelings. This way you still keep the original partnership/ relationship going without any issues, and because you are satisfied with your sex life, you give your 100% to your original relationship because everything perfectly fits in your puzzle. Is it bad for a married woman to cheat? Not if she tells her husband. For example, “John, I just met a new guy anu am going to have a fast f___k with him.” It's just for pleasure, but be must know. Decit and marriage don't mix. Enjoy, but no secrets. It's your body to do with as YOU wish.

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